Wandana Artefact Booklet Sample

Here are a few sample pages from the Wandana Aboriginal Artefacts and Education kit booklet. You will receive a full booklet on purchase.

Artefacts Booklet
Artefacts Booklet

 Sample Video – Mr Graham Morgan shows how to make artefacts

Mr Graham Morgan shares his knowledge on the following.

  • Making a Coolomon
  • Making a Digging Stick
  • Making a Fire Drill
  • Making a Hunting Spear
  • Making a Message Stick
  • Making a Nulla Nulla
  • Making a Shield
  • Making a Yidaki
  • Making an Emu Caller
  • Making Clapsticks

When you purchase one of  our Artefacts Kits, you will receive a link to the full video.


Mr Graham Morgan is a proud Aboriginal Man from the Wiradjuri Nation of western NSW on his Mothers side. His totem there is there is the  goanna lizard. And on his Fathers side is from  Yuwaalaraay Nation from north, western NSW. There his totem is the long neck turtle.