Traditional Aboriginal Ceremonies including smoking/cleansing, acknowledgement to country, didgeridoo, singing and dance performed in traditional costume.

Smoking Ceremony

Smoking Ceremony

1. Warra Wayjul

Smoking and Cleansing ceremony performed in traditional dress at Event.
An Acknowledgement to Country is also performed at this time accompanied by a didgeridoo player. It is a sign of respect to acknowledge the traditional owners of the land. Today, it is common protocol for businesses and  Events to have a  “Acknowledgement to Country” to be performed by an Aboriginal custodian of the land.
Price $900+ gst
Two Performers 
Duration 10-40 min

2. Yigi-Yigi

Didgeridoo performance and Creation story of the instrument in traditional dress at Event.Traditional and contemporary sounds,rythms and stories are performed. Our Tutor will explain how the didgeridoo is crafted, its history and the customs regarding its use. A truly powerful and mesmerizing performance by our Didgeridoo master!
Price $600 + gst
1 x  Performer
Duration: up to 45 min