Wandana Artefact Kit Testimonials

We have sent kits to many schools, here are a few latest testimonials.

Love, Love, Love our Wandana Artefacts & Education Kit!
Sincere gratitude and thanks to the amazing Aboriginal Elders & communities for sharing their beautiful customs and traditions through these precious items. Our entire community is inspired to share stories around each artefact which also allow us to build deeper connections with our local Aboriginal communities. Each item has been carefully crafted and made with an abundance of love.

We now have authentic, Aboriginal hand made artefacts that facilitate exciting conversations on a regular basis and allow our team of highly skilled staff to promote meaningful cultural experiences alongside the children and families in our service. Our Wandana Kit has become part of our daily programs and interactions available to our little people to explore through there play.

For an Early Childhood Preschool or Long Day Care looking to build cultural knowledge and awareness for your staff, children and families we highly recommend reaching out to Brian, Hailey and the team at Wandana to guide you through this this journey. Throughout the Wandana Early Learning Program Hailey’s engaging and interactive videos provide a shared learning experience for all. We are extremely grateful to Hailey for sharing her culture with us and allowing us to embark on this learning journey together.

Corowa Preschool

Cassie Oats

Director, Corowa Preschool, Corowa, NSW

Blue Gum Cottage, Chifley is absolutely thrilled with our Wandana Artefacts & Education Kit!

We are proud to support Aboriginal people and share these precious items in our Centre. Both our Educators and children love to role play using these incredible resources. And these Artefacts & Education materials allow us to comfortably embed these into our daily routines and practices.

How amazing to see the smile on a child’s face and hear them take home their stories to Family!

Absolutely Priceless! And our Parents have also shown interest and are asking to learn more about our First Nations community around our area, which is allowing us to pass the message on to a wider community and for generations to come!

Blue Gum Cottage

Louise Turner

Director, Blue Gum Cottage, Chifley, NSW

Harrington Street Public School, Cabramatta, NSW have been working with Wandana Aboriginal Education for several years to share various Aboriginal Education Programs to inspire our students and Teachers as well as to create a legacy. This work is done with the support and guidance of our own Aboriginal Education staff.

This year we purchased two of the Wandana Ultimate Artefacts and Education kits. These beautiful hand made items now allow our Aboriginal Educators the opportunity to share historical information as well as personal stories and experiences for our students. As well as the priceless role play with students and teachers.

These kits have also allowed our School to demonstrate leadership in our community by inviting other local Schools to visit our School to view and learn more about these precious artefacts. We feel privileged to be able to educate and inspire not only our own School community, but many of our local school communities as well! 

Harrington Street Public School

Nala Dennoui

Principal , Harrington Street Public School, Cabramatta NSW

Guardian Childcare, NSW have been working closely with Wandana Aboriginal Education for several years now. They have provided Professional Development Programmes as well as incursion programmes at our Centres. Along this journey we have come to realise the importance of providing authentic, Aboriginal artefacts for both our children and Educators to learn more deeply about our First Nations people. They allow us the chance to inspire our communities through education and role play as we embed this into our daily practices.

We are thrilled to know these precious and historical artefacts are hand crafted with love for us to cherish. And that our purchase of them supports several Wiradjuri Aboriginal families and communities.

We are now able to create a culturally safe front office space for our Aboriginal Families by displaying some of our awesome items. And this in turn has sparked exciting conversations by most of the Parents visiting our Centres.

We are extremely grateful to Wandana for always supporting us on our mission and allowing us to embark on this learning journey together.

Guardian Childcare

Nithia Krishnan

Guardian Childcare, Homebush, NSW