Wandana Artefact Booklet

Thank you for your purchase of our Wandana Aboriginal Artefacts and Education kit. We trust these authentic, Aboriginal hand made artefacts and Education materials will inspire your school community for generations. We have been supporting local Aboriginal Elders, craftsmen and communities for over thirty five years. This allows for our Aboriginal communities to remain on and connected to “Country” as well as honouring their traditional customs and methods. And also allows our Aboriginal communities to share their infinite wisdom and support our Wandana intention to:

Empower Teachers, inspire students and leave a legacy!

Our First Nations people were some of the first inventors. Wood and rocks were used to make tools for hunting and gathering, including axes, clubs and boomerangs. Canoes were made from large pieces of bark, sealed with resin to make them watertight. David Unaipon, found on the Australian $50 note, created a Handpiece for sheep shearing and came up with helicopter designs years before the first helicopter was built

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Wandana Artefact Activity Sheets

Here are some activity samples to assist you on your Aboriginal educational journey. We encourage you to identify the Aboriginal artefacts, art symbols and Australian animals in each activity sheet. And view our sample story before creating your own. Enjoy! 

Artefacts Sheets

Making Artefacts

Mr Graham Morgan shows how to make artefacts

Please note there are chapters so you can move ahead to the artefact you wish to review.

(Mr Graham Morgan is a proud Aboriginal Man from the Wiradjuri Nation of western NSW on his Mothers side. His totem there is there is the  goanna lizard. And on his Fathers side is from  Yuwaalaraay Nation from north, western NSW. There his totem is the long neck turtle.)