For Schools that have already experienced the Wandana Aboriginal Cultural Immersion program we recommend the following programs to enhance your students cultural learning journey:


All of our programs begin with the school assembling together for an Acknowledgement to Country followed by a Reconciliation Prayer. Traditional ochre paint is offered to Indigenous students and School Leaders. We will then conduct a smoking ceremony where all students & teachers are encouraged to place a gum leaf into a smoking Coolomon which is a traditional custom to ward off bad spirits, acknowledge ancestors and pay respect to the land and sea of country.


An Acknowledgement of Country is a way of showing awareness of and respect for the traditional Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander owners of the land on which a meeting or event is being held, and of recognising the continuing connection of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples to their Country. The Wandana School Acknowledgement to Country Program is the opportunity for the entire School community to create their very own personalised Acknowledgement to Country.

The Acknowledgement to Country will represent the local Aboriginal people, the schools history, core values, motifs & symbols, connection to community and the student body. We capture the true essence of your school, created by your students & teachers with our local Aboriginal Tutors. The ATC will contain body movements, taught by Wandana Tutors to work together with the text.

An authentic and comprehensive program run by local Indigenous Tutors aimed at maximising the learning opportunities for both students and teachers. The Acknowledgement to Country is then documented on a stretch canvas and decorated by students with their local painting for a lasting legacy for your school.

The Acknowledgement to Country program is designed to leave a legacy for future generations. Your school can be proud to share their own Acknowledgement to Country at all future assemblies or gatherings.

1 day program $3,000 (up to 300 students)
2 day program $4,500 (300 + students)



Journey StonesLife Journey Stones are traditional Aboriginal teaching stones. Every symbol has a meaning and these stones are traditionally used to help with a deeper understanding of ourselves within Creation and the Dreaming.

Students discover traditional artifacts handmade by Aboriginal Elders and discuss their origins and uses. They then explore how these artifacts are depicted in Aboriginal art along with other iconic symbols and their meanings through the traditional art of dot painting, x-ray art and animal totems. Students will learn about the history of traditional ochre paint, Aboriginal body painting and their meanings of song lines that connect the Aboriginal people and the land. The students will all paint their own journey stones connecting these Aboriginal symbols to tell their own unique story. Life Journey Stones also make an impactful and memorable sculptural piece within the school grounds.

1 day program $2,500 (up to 300 students)
$3,500 (300+ student)



Traditional Indigenous Australian dance is closely associated with song and is understood and experienced as making present the reality of the Dreamtime. In some instances, they would imitate the actions of a particular animal in the process of telling a story. For the people in their own country it defined to roles, responsibilities and the place itself. These ritual performances gave them an understanding of themselves in the interplay of social, geographical and environmental forces. Over the years Aboriginal dance has evolved and our full day dance program takes the students through both traditional and contemporary Aboriginal dance while sharing the stories they communicate.

1 day program $3,000 (up to 300 students)
2 day program $4,500 (300 + students)



The Sacred World. The Dreamtime is the Aboriginal understanding of the world, of it’s creation, and it’s great stories. The Dreamtime is the beginning of knowledge, from which came the laws of existence. For survival these laws must be observed. This program is an inspirational journey of Aboriginal Dreamtime stories, music, movement & dance together. It’s an opportunity for personal growth and enrichment and for the students to get a deeper understanding of Aboriginal culture. The program is run by Bangarra trained Wandana tutors.

Students (1 or 2 classes at a time) form a corroboree circle, offered face paint & listen to Dreamtime stories and its morals & values.

Animal totems are then selected by students from the Dreamtime story and then form those body shapes. Traditional Bilma (clapping sticks) are then used to create rhythms along with music.

Students then learn one traditional Aboriginal dance and one contemporary dance. Dadirri (Aboriginal guided meditation) is next where all students are guided in deep listening. At the completion of the program a group photo is taken for the school and all students are given a Journey Stone as a gift of their time with Wandana.

1 day program $3,000 (up to 300 students)
2 day program $4,500 (300 + students)



The experience provided by Wandana was unique and memorable for all of the Scots students and teachers involved. The depth of detail, wealth of history and diversity in culture that is portrayed in the artworks reflects The Scots College beautifully. The incursion was a perfect opportunity to learn about Indigenous Australia, whilst integrating curriculum outcomes in a fun and exciting way. All boys were engaged throughout, with our Indigenous students taking a leadership role in facilitating the design, painting and encouraging younger boys to get involved.
Julia Wilson
The Scots College

We had such a wonderful learning experience with Wandana. The planning and organisation before the event was consistent and well thought through. Brian worked hard to create a package that suited our needs.
Trevor was such a wonderful role model for the children-especially our Aboriginal children. He shared his knowledge with such respect and passion. All our children gained so much knowledge from the day and are now able to articulate their thoughts on a deeper level. Having this authentic experience was incredibly inspiring for all. Our teachers would certainly do this again, especially with such a wonderful leader such as Trevor.
Tara Barr (Head of Music/Executive Teacher)
Claremont College

Bronte Public School recently sort help from Wandana to create an Aboriginal mural of special significance. The whole process, from collaboratively developing the design to the outstanding finished product, was easy and impressive.  There were many positive outcomes for our Aboriginal students as well as non-Aboriginal students. The Wandana School Program covers many of the compulsory Department of Education requirements including engaging with the local Aboriginal community, and provides opportunities for Aboriginal people to be trained, employed and share their culture. Both Brian and Trevor were enthusiastic, knowledgeable, sensitive and patient throughout, and on the day, their rapport with the students, staff and community was wonderful. We love our mural, thank you Wandana!
Melinda Sikora (Principal, Bronte Public School)
Bronte Public School

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